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Wedding Planning Pow-Wows

BUT… you have no idea where in the world to begin with the planning process? You’ve gotten a handful of the big details sorted out, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and/or lost as to what the next step is? You have nobody to share in your wedding planning bliss with [let’s face it- your beloved fiancé can only take so much of color schemes and centerpiece talk!]? You need direction, but you’re not sold on hiring a full-on planner?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above [or if you simply want to have a glass of wine with a few likeminded engaged individuals], then join us for our New Orleans Wedding Planning Pow-Wow series!

The series is broken down into four “Pow-Wows”:

  1. First Things First: From Engagement Up To 9 Months Away From The Big Day
  2. Full Speed Ahead: 6-9 Months Away From The Big Day
  3. Right Around The Corner: 3-6 Months Away From The Big Day
  4. Goin’ to the Chapel [soon!]: 3 Months Or Less Away From The Big Day

Sure, maybe you could do your research and figure it all out on your own. But we all know how the story goes…

Example: You buy a treadmill for the house and swear you’re going to use it every day. A month later, the machine’s collecting dust. That personal trainer or those group workout classes just seem to make scheduling the time to work out so much easier. You’re held accountable in some way and you get it done. And what’s even crazier? Something that seemed daunting is now something you look forward to! It’s fun!

Pow-Wows are held from 6:30 – 9:00 PM on select weeknight dates at a swanky local wine bar. Your ticket price includes admission into the collaborative learning experience, printouts to take home, two glasses of wine, direction from Everly’s Owner, Krystle, and pointers from local vendors during certain sessions. Of course, you’ll also make fabulous new friends who are in the same exciting place in their lives as you!

Lagniappe: Participants receive discounts on planning services, should they later decide to hire Everly for their big day!

Classes are intimate to ensure personalized attention for each guest.
Please contact us now regarding dates and availability for upcoming Pow-Wows!